The OMAX Advantage

An increasing number of Original Equipment Manufacturers are using OMAX® JetMachining® systems to produce components for their own manufactured products. Many of these manufacturers feel that the speed and flexibility of the OMAX system provides them with a competitive advantage in their industries. The following list provides a general summary of representative uses of the OMAX system by OEMs.

OMAX abrasive waterjets not only have the power to revolutionize your machining process, they also grant you the flexibility to service a variety of industries. From medical to energy to defense and everything in between, OMAX helps you define what’s possible in manufacturing.

The OMAX JetMachining® Center simplifies abrasive waterjet machining and places an easy-to-use tool in the workplace. The heart of OMAX is the controller and software that completely controls the operation of the abrasivejet.

Easy to use software suite

> On-line support

> Import & edit .DXF files

> Free software upgrades for the life of the original ownership of the machine

> All new technologies are backwards compatible, meaning the machine you buy today will be able to use innovations made tomorrow.

Four Major Factors of the exceptional speed & precision of OMAX JetMachining Centers:

1. Superior software

OMAX incorporates an advanced cutting model into the controller which automatically creates the optimal cutting path. It varies speeds and accelerations so that no time is wasted going more slowly than necessary. In addition, the OMAX controller automatically takes advantages of many speed-up tricks that would be too difficult and cumbersome for a human to program. For example:

The OMAX controller automatically adds corner passing on corners that will allow for it. This can result in speed increases from 5 to 25%, depending on the geometry of the part. This process is automatic, and does not require additional work or knowledge from the operator.

The OMAX controller automatically adjusts the speeds and accelerations around curves and corners to optimize the tool path for speed, precision, and square corners. This makes it very fast and easy to program the machine, and allows the parts to be machined as quickly as possible while still maintaining the highest tolerances.

The OMAX controller selects the optimal pierce speed, and length, based on an advanced piercing model. This greatly speeds up the otherwise slow process of piercing the material, automatically and optimally.

There are also tools such as the “optimal stack height calculator”, which can be used to greatly speed up some categories of parts.

2. Superior X,Y positioning system

All OMAX JetMachining Centers are designed for high precision machining. A combination of precision mechanics, rigid construction, and precision velocity control from the software insures the highest degree of precision in the machined parts, even in shops where vibrations from other tools such as punch presses or fork-lifts driving by may exist.

3. Superior direct drive pump technology

OMAX pumps are highly efficient, so 33% more horsepower makes it to the nozzle than in the competing intensifier pump designs. This means that for the same horsepower rating, the OMAX system’s pump will cut much faster, and at a significantly lower cost.

4. Superior nozzle technology

OMAX MAXJET® and MiniJet nozzles are designed for maximum precision, life, and cutting speed.

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