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Okamoto’s new IGM-15NC2 Precision Twin Spindle CNC internal grinder is designed for optimum grinding versatility, productivity and precision through advanced machine design and construction. “The benefits of incorporating two spindles on the same grinder are numerous,” states Ed Weinberg, manager of technical sales for Okamoto. He added, “The elimination of multiple chucking not only simplifies set-up and boosts productivity, but also optimizes workpieces dimensional accuracies. For example, a workpiece that requires an ID, OD and face grind normally necessitates the use of two separate grinders. Since no two machines are exactly identical, and the workpiece needs to be re-chucked, the relative accuracies of the ID, OD and face are lost. This is not the case with our IGM-15NC2 because the workpiece stays fixtured on one machine and the spindles needed for the multiple grinds ride on the grinder’s high-precision wheelhead.”

The IGM-15NC2 has an internal diameter to be ground capacity of 0.24″ ~ 4″. The maximum grinding stroke is 3.2″ and maximum swing over table is 24″. This I.D. grinder is compact and requires floor space of only 116″ x 90″ x 65″.  Machine weight is 5,300 lbs.

The IGM-15NC2 is equipped with a Fanuc 18i-TA 2-axis simultaneous control with conversational programming for easy data input. The “teach input” format reduces programming time, making it ideal for operators that are new to CNC I.D. grinding. This enables easy set-up and programming for grinding internal diameters, outside diameters and faces in a single chucking for optimum productivity and accuracy. A convenient interrupt function enables the operator to interrupt the automatic grinding cycle at any time to re-dress the wheel, if desired, and then continue grinding. In addition, a feed-hold function permits for cycle stop and verification of location and dimensions.

The IGM-15NC2 features heavily ribbed Meehanite cast iron construction for rigidity. The table rides on precision linear guideways and is driven by an AC Servo motor that enables minimum feed increments as fine as 0.00001″. Maximum longitudinal travel is 20″. Feed rate ranges from 0.001″ to 400″/minute.

The IGM-15NC2’s high performance wheelhead is equipped with two rigid, high frequency inverter controlled spindles with 10,000 and 20,000 RPM spindle speeds standard. Any combination of 10,000 / 15,000 / 20,000 / 30,000 / 40,000 and 60,000 are available as optional. A two-point diamond dresser dresses grinding wheel ODs and faces. The X-Axis (crossfeed) is a closed loop feedback system with linear scale. This, in combination with an AC servo motor drive and a high precision internally cooled crossfeed ball screw, enables peak accuracies with minimum infeed increments as fine as 0.00001″ (dia.). The maximum crossfeed (X-Axis) is 12″.

The IGM-15NC2’s workhead features cast iron construction and utilizes precision double angular contact bearings. Workhead speed is infinitely variable from 100 ~ 850 RPM and is programmable through the CNC. Workhead swivel ranges from -5 to 15. The work spindle is powered by a two HP motor.

Some of the IGM-15NC2’s standard accessories include a Fanuc 18i-TA CNC with 8.4″ color LCD screen, two-point swing type dresser with diamond tools, spindle oil lubrication and temperature regulator systems, wheel spindle speed and load meters and more. Available optional accessories include coolant systems with paper filter, magnetic separator and coolant temperature regulator, air actuator and a variety of chucks, in-process gauging and more to meet specific customer requirements.

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Hurco-StackHurco has introduced two high-speed machining centers, the VMX24HSi (X/Y/Z travels of 24/20/24 inches) and the VMX42HSi (X/Y/Z travels of 42/24/24 inches). The Hurco VMXHSi mills are equipped with direct drive servos and other components to promote speed, accuracy and repeatability, said a Hurco representative.

The integral spindle has an 18k base speed spindle and is equipped with ABEC-7 ceramic hybrid bearings to manage the thermal issues associated with high speed machining (HSM). The air-over-oil spindle lubrication distributes oil evenly and prevents bearings from grease starvation. The faster ATC supports HSK tooling and has a chip-to-chip time of 4.5 seconds.

“The Hurco HSi machining centers are built to last and to retain accuracy with larger linear rails that are mounted to a machined shoulder for increased rigidity,” said a company spokesperson. “Additionally, the rails are wedge-locked to the frame to reduce vibration. The pre-loaded and stretched ball screws are also anchored at both ends.

“The Hurco integrated control is optimized for HSM with a 64-GB solid state drive, two gigabytes (2 GB) of memory, a 2-GHz Dual Core Intel Processor, processing speed up to 2,277 bps and dynamic variable look-ahead capable of up to 10,000 blocks.

“The Hurco VMX24HSi and VMX42HSi are the only high speed machining centers equipped with Hurco’s patented motion control system, UltiMotion, which further reduces cycle time by as much as 35%. Since UltiMotion utilizes complex software algorithms for motion planning instead of conventional hardware, machine jerk is substantially reduced, which provides the added benefit of improved surface finish quality.”

Originally published in Manufacturing News, Jan. 1, 2013.  Click HERE for original story.

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Screen Shot 2013-01-16 at 1.53.14 PM

The VMX30U 5-axis machining center is equipped with control technology for both NC and Conversational that is designed to simplify programming and processing part programs for aerospace jobs. While Hurco focuses on technology that reduces setup and programming, the newest 5-axis feature, UltiMotion, is designed to simultaneously reduce cycle time and improve surface finish quality.

UltiMotion is based on Hurco’s proprietary look-ahead technology and includes rapid cornering capabilities, which allow the spindle to travel through blended corners at high speeds instead of stopping between rapids. According to the company, customers report improved surface finish quality, less machine vibration, less chatter marks and increased accuracy while reducing cycle time by 30-35%.

The VMX30U has X/Y/Z travels of 30″ x 20″ x 20.5″, rapids that are 1,378 per minute in X and Y, and 1,181 IPM in Z. The Hurco 5-axis machining center yields more clearance in the Z-axis because Hurco uses an integrated trunnion table design instead of simply attaching a trunnion table to a 3-axis machine. The advanced Hurco control technology has exclusive 5-axis software features designed to increase efficiency, reduce setup time and improve surface finish in addition to holding tolerances required for high-precision parts.

“One VMX30U customer who manufactures aircraft circuit board housings said that 5-sided machining on his VMX30U saves him approximately six hours compared to milling the aircraft part on his 3-axis machining center,” said a Hurco spokesperson. “In addition to eliminating repeated manual re-fixturing and reducing the number of operations from six to two, programming the part at the control with Hurco’s 5-sided conversational method takes less time than programming the part with his CAD/CAM software and frees up the CAD/CAM system for more complex programming. The other significant benefit to employing a 5-sided machining process is the elimination of cumulative errors that can occur with flipping parts.”

Originally published in Manufacturing News, Jan. 1, 2013.  Click HERE for original story.

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There are many new and exciXData_Mainting features in the Intelli-MAX® 19 Software Suite, and one of the most versatile is the new XData feature. XData is an advanced path feature in LAYOUT. Short for eXtra Data, this feature allows for additional information to be assigned to any entity in a drawing or tool path. This additional information can be something simple, like a comment or a pause point, or more complex, such as specifying delays or different speeds. XData becomes an essential tool in conjunction with 3D cutting, as it can easily control the Rotary Axis and adjust the tilt of an A-Jet or Tilt-A-Jet.

For many who are closely familiar with the Intelli-MAX Software Suite, XData might seem redundant, as most of these features were already available in the software. While this is true, the big change is that with XData, the data points remain attached to the entity, even after changing the geometry, and the commands are saved in the DXF file. This was not the case with the old method, making XData much more versatile and useful. XData also can replace the “bitstream stitching” method of programming a Rotary Axis, both simplifying that process and improving Rotary Axis movement, including cutting while the Rotary Axis is moving. This improved functionality creates potential to easily create complex 3D shapes.

Using XData in LAYOUT is Simple

Select the entity that you wish to have an XData value, and choose Edit XData for Selected from the XData menu. The XData Editor box simplifies the addition of XData, providing a drop-down list of the available XData commands. Simply choose the command you want, input the value, and click OK. The XData is now added to that entity, and displays in LAYOUT with both an icon and a text description. This display can be changed in the XData menu, which can be useful on drawings with lots of XData references. A complete list of the XData commands and how they work can be found in the OMAX Interactive Reference and MAXIEM Help File.

[/toggle_item] [toggle_item title=”Okamoto Releases ACC-12.24DXB Saddle Type Surface Grinder”] Buffalo Grove, Illinois—Okamoto’s new rigid ACC-12.24DXB MDI controlled Saddle Type Surface Grinder adds improved durability, convenience and functionality to Okamoto’s highly respected line of DX surface grinders. The ACC-12.24DXB’s heavy ribbed Meehanite cast iron construction provides extraordinary rigidity for high-precision grinding and long spindle life. Its rounded front splashguard and extended back splashguard create a clean distinctive exterior and better internal coolant flow reducing splashing, mist generation and other contamination risks.

The ACC-12.24DXB incorporates Okamoto’s time tested spindle design for unparalleled precision and reliability. Its 7210CDF spindle also offers increased strength and uses high-grade P4 class ball bearings for improved spindle life. Grooves in the face of the outer-most spindle nut produce a fan effect that pushes finer coolant mist away from the spindle further decreasing contamination. The ACC-12.24DXB’s advanced control panel incorporates a user-friendly combination of touch-pad and rotary switches and is conveniently mounted on the extension arm of the control’s wheeled electrical cabinet. The control is compatible with current DXV automatic dressing options.

The Okamoto ACC-12.24DXB incorporates other advantages that boost productivity, optimize accuracy and improve ease of operation. They include:

  • Expansive surface grinding capacity of 12” x 24”
  • An easy to use electronic MDI Control for ease of set-up and operation.
  • Advanced Digital Read Out (DRO)—for accuracy at a glance that simplifies set up and in-process positioning—is standard with the ACC-12.24DXB.
  • An extended way system on the crossfeed provides improved saddle support during grinding operations.
  • Conveniently located, ergonomically designed control, optimizes operator comfort and ease of use. Easy-to-read graduations minimize operator error.
  • A Manual Pulse Generator for crossfeed positioning is located on the front of the control.
  • Durable, textured exterior paints that reduce wearing and smooth interior paint that makes cleanup easier than ever.
  • Electrical components are compatible with current DX machines and the ACC-12.24DXB can use current DX spindles.


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Buffalo Grove, Illinois —  Okamoto’s ACC-EXB Series MDI controlled Saddle Type Surface Grinders are available in grinding capacities ranging from 8″ x 20″ to 20″ x 40″. These grinders incorporate the same outstanding design and construction found on all Okamoto grinding machines. Heavily ribbed cast iron construction provides superior rigidity and durability.  All incorporate Okamoto’s time tested spindle design for unparalleled precision and reliability.

EXB Series grinders incorporate many features that boost productivity, optimize accuracy and expand grinding flexibility. They include:

  • Grind up to 3 flat surfaces in a single set-up. Maintains geometries and dramatically reduces cycle times.
  • An easy to use electronic MDI Control for ease of set-up and operation. The CRT display three Data Pages (1. Work/Chuck Datum Positions, 2. Grinding Data and 3. Dressing Data) .
  • A high productivity Shift-Plunge/Traverse grinding cycle where the grinder automatically shift-plunges for fast stock removal, then traverse grinds for fine finish.
  • Rapid Wheelhead Advance and retraction.
  • Ballscrew driven crossfeed and vertical feed for extremely precise positioning accuracy. A Manual Pulse Generator for crossfeed positioning is located on the front of the machine.
  • Unlimited Wheel Dress options in both rough and fine grind cycles. The wheel dresser is servo driven for precise dressing. Dressing speed is also operator controlled.
  • A Dress Interrupt Function that gives the operator complete dressing control.

Some of the many standard features include a hydraulic overhead wheel dresser, automatic lubrication, an oil fan cooler, coolant delivery systems for both the grinding wheel and wheel dresser, splashguards and more.

Available options for the ACC-EXB models include an electro-magnetic chuck, a magnetic dust separator, a coolant system with pump and more.

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Vernon Hills, Illinois — Okamoto’s new ACC-16l32CAiQ 2-Axis surface grinding machine delivers a new degree in rigidity, precision and operator convenience. This robust grinder features rigid T-frame traveling column design for rock-solid stability and precision. The wide frame design & construction and rigid sub-assemblies provides excellent vibration damping for superb accuracy. Heavily ribbed Meehanite cast iron construction is used throughout. Precision linear slideways are used on the vertical (Y) and transverse  (Z) axes and double-vee  are used on the longitudinal (X) axis.

The ACC-16l32CAiQ has a chuck size (LxW) of 32″ x 16″. Table load capacity including chuck is 2,205 lbs. The clearance under the grinding wheel  to table range is 0.89 to 20.57″. A 10 hp direct drive  precision balanced grinding wheel  spindle motor delivers a spindle speed range of 500 – 2,500 rpm.  Grinding wheel size (D x W x B) is 16″ x 2″ x 5″.

The ACC-16l32CAiQ grinder incorporates many standard features that boost productivity.  optimize accuracy and expand grinding flexibility. They include:

  • Large Full Color Graphic Touch Screen Control features easy-to use pictorial software and digital position indicator for each axis.
  • Setting via “Teach In”on chuck datum or workpiece datum.
  • Automatic Setting of Process Conditions.
  • Automatic Shift-Plunge Grinding cycle where the grinder automatically shift-plunges for fast stock removal,  then traverse grinds for fine finish.
  • Rapid Wheelhead Advance and retraction.
  • Automatic AC Servo controlled crossfeed and downfeed for extremely precise positioning accuracy.  A Manual Pulse Generator for crossfeed positioning.
  • Unlimited Wheel Dress options in both rough and fine grind cycles. The wheel dresser is servo driven for precise dressing. Dressing speed is also operator controlled.
  • A Dress Interrupt Function that gives the operator complete dressing control.

 Some of the many standard features include an overhead wheel dresser with compensation, automatic lubrication with independent hydraulic tank unit, air exchange oil cooler, machine splashguards and more.

Available options include an electro-magnetic chuck, coolant systems with magnetic separator,  variety of wheel dressers including vertical  rotary, swing type and rotary, and more.

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Buffalo Grove, Illinois — Okamoto introduces the new Aero Lap YT-300, an advanced lapping machine that uses a unique abrasive media to create highly polished mirror finishes on a wide variety of materials and irregular shapes. The Aero Lap is exceptionally versatile and ideal for fine polishing pins, punches, dies, small-size molds, even jewelry without damaging the surfaces. By creating the perfect balance of moisture and diamond particulate in the abrasive lapping media, Aero Lap forms multi-cones that are directed by air nozzles and air pressure to polish part surfaces in multiple passes at high speed. The multi-cones dramatically shorten cycle-time for final polishing.

Okamoto encourages attendees to IMTS 2004 to bring samples of hard to polish parts for a free demonstration of this exceptional, time-saving technology. The Aero Lap will be on display and in operation at the Okamoto Booth # B-7040.

Aero Lap incorporates many features that boost productivity and ensure a highly polished mirror finish even on complex parts. These features include:

  • The Aero Lap’s unique design and use of multi-cone technology achieves super quick and amazingly high level lapping without excessive damage to parts.
  • The Aero Lap YT-300 is very environmentally friendly. Its clean operation produces little to no waste, such as oil, dust and cutting disposal.
  • A very long life cycle, and low running costs.
  • Aero Lap’s user-friendly control system, straightforward design and operation, and easy maintenance requirements enable operators to master the Aero Lap with minimal training.
  • Small footprint 27.4” x 63.0”, it is 35.4” high. Weight 550 lbs.
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Buffalo Grove, Illinois – Okamoto’s IGM-2MB Internal Grinding Machine utilizes a micro-computer driven control system making it the ideal ID grinder for a wide variety of grinding work – from grinding simple gauges to complex workpieces that require critical accuracy.

The IGM-2MB is versatile and provides for quick set-up and high speed operating capability. The grinder’s MDI control enables easy programming even for operators without prior programming experience. The operator simply inputs grinding parameters through simple keystrokes.

The IGM-2MB has an internal grinding range of 0.24” to 8”. Swing over table is 24” and swing inside workpiece guard is 14”. The IGM-2MB features a 3 hp spindle motor with available spindle speeds of 10,000 to 100,000 rpm. The grinder’s workhead incorporates a spindle with speeds from 50 ~ 850 rpm and a swivel angle range from -5o ~ +30o.

Some of the standard accessories on Okamoto’s IGM-2MB include a standard 20,000 rpm grinding wheel spindle, a spindle oil mist lubrication system and recovery device, a grinding wheel and diamond  tool  for  dressing wheels.  A few of  the  available options  include  a coolant  system with magnetic separator, a variety of optional grinding wheel spindles with holders, several different chucks including a three-jaw scroll chuck.

[/toggle_item] [toggle_item title=”Okamoto Releases UPG Column Type Ultra Precision Grinding Machines with revolutionary
Non-Contact Type Variable-Pressure Hydrostatic Slide Way Systems”]

Buffalo Grove, Illinois – Okamoto is pleased to introduce our new UPG Series of column-type Ultra Precision Grinding machines. The UPG Series uses a breakthrough “Non-Contact” type of Variable-Pressure Hydrostatic Slide Way System that minimizes oil film thickness variations to achieve incredibly accurate grinding. This technologically advanced system achieves consistent straightness of less than 0.000016”/32” for cross axis and less than 0.00002”/40” for the longitudinal axis. Oil film thickness variation over the guide-way surface is 1/7 the variation of traditional hydrosatic slide-way systems, improving accuracy by up to 400%.

The new UPG Series grinders incorporate many other features that optimize accuracy and boost productivity, while dramatically reducing energy and oil consumption. They include:

  • Incredibly rigid slide ways that are over 400% stronger than traditional hydrostatic slide way systems.
  • Ultra-accurate hydrostatic bearing-type spindle unit and electro-permanent-type chuck are standard.
  • New green technologies are incorporated to reduce hydrostatic oil consumption by 1/3 and dramatically reduce energy consumption, reducing environmental impact and  running costs.
  • Temperature control systems for the hydrostatic oil, and hydraulic oil for the table longitudinal axis are standard. The coolant temperature control system maintains coolant fluid temperature within +/- 0.1deg.C.
  • UPS system for slide way protection in the event of power failure.
  • Grind capacity: ranging up to 32” x 160”. Straightness (Y-axis): 0.000016”/32”. Straightness (X-axis): 0.00002”/40”. Min. resolution: 0.00000004” (both axes).

Wheeling, IL – March 28th, 2012 – Kitamura Machinery, the premier manufacturer of precision horizontal, vertical and 5-axis machining centers, announced today that the company will feature its new CNC Controller, Arumatik-Mi at IMTS 2012 in Chicago, IL, September 10th – 15th. Kitamura Machinery Booth #9148-South Hall.

For over 78 years Kitamura Machinery has created highly accurate and precise machining centers that meet the strictest demands of manufacturers worldwide. “With the introduction of the Arumatik-Mi control (Kitamura spelled backwards), we have taken the concept of our highly accurate machines and translated that into our own CNC Control System,” said Dr. Akihiro Kitamura, President of Kitamura Machinery. “By combining the Arumatik-Mi control with the highly accurate efficiency of our machines, we have developed a platform of optimum performance synergy, maximizing operator convenience and streamlining the machining process for ultimate productivity.”

With its 64 bit RISC CPU, the Arumatik-Mi control offers accelerated machine programming speeds and high precision contour control (1680-block look ahead) for smoother and faster machining of complex work pieces. A USB memory interface and compact flash memory interface are standard with an 8GB hard disk drive to handle larger amount of data transfer more efficiently. Tool path processing is optimized with advanced graphing functions. An optional video manual system uses advanced camera technologies for simplified set-up and in-process inspection.

A fully loaded and feature-packed control, the Arumatik-Mi comes standard with a variety of features such as 3-D tool compensation, 102 work coordinate offsets, inverse time feed and coordinate system rotation, making it the most up-to-date control on the market – Ideal for a variety of machining applications.

The user interface is the Windows® XP operating system offering the user the ability to simultaneously execute programs while engaging any compatible Windows® based software, to include any CAD/CAM systems. A 2-year control components warranty comes standard with purchase.

The Arumatik-Mi control offers the user more practical communication and visible use. Operation processes are divided into three steps, “Monitor”, “Set-Up” and “Edit”, and necessary information is aggregated into the three screens. These screens can be displayed by just a single touch of a button on the keyboard or touch screen. Customizable tabs allow the user to select necessary operation from the operation menu, and pop-up screens allow the user to access desired information while the original screen remains displayed.

Standard with a 19” LCD and dual keyboard layout (Kitamura conventional style control coupled with standard keyboard design) the Arumatik-Mi control offers comfortable and advanced operation for a variety of machining applications along with the ability to transfer existing Fanuc programs. The operation panel swings out 90º and comes equipped with a standard fixed remote pulse generator, making set-up for the operator easier.

[/toggle_item] [toggle_item title=”KITAMURA RECOGNIZED FOR OUTSTANDING MACHINE DESIGN “] Wheeling, IL – October, 2012 – Kitamura Machinery, the premier manufacturer of precision horizontal, vertical and 5-axis machining centers is proud to announce that it has been selected to receive the 2012 Good Design Award from the Japan Institute of Design Promotion (JDP) for its G-Series line of machining centers. First exhibited at IMTS 2012, the introduction of the G-Series horizontal and vertical machining centers is evidence of the company’s continual pursuit of excellence in industrial development.

Good Design Awards is a comprehensive program for the evaluation and encouragement of design organized by the Japan Institute of Design Promotion (JDP) and has been given to outstanding designs for more than 50 years in the pursuit of prosperous lives and industrial development. Good Design Award winning items are promoted via the “G Mark” as a trustworthy symbol which connects industry and everyday life and is recognized by consumers as representing products with “high quality and usability”.

“We are honored to receive this award,” said Dr. Akihiro Kitamura, Ph.D., the company’s President. “It is a statement of our dedication in design and manufacture within the industry and our commitment in understanding the role that design plays in society. With our new G-Series machining centers we have established a new brand identity focusing on ultra-high precision techniques requiring micron accuracies. The Smart Design concept utilizes advanced materials along with symbolically representing the material beauty in machine design while at the same time incorporating energy and space saving concepts”.

The Japan Institute of Design Promotion (JDP) is a public interest incorporated foundation located in Tokyo, Japan. Every year the JDP presents Good Design Awards to companies judged to bring richness to people’s lives, industry and the society by bringing attention to excellent design.

[/toggle_item] [toggle_item title=”KITAMURA INTRODUCES MYCENTER-HX250G COMPACT”] Wheeling, IL – November, 2012 – Kitamura Machinery, the premier manufacturer of precision horizontal, vertical and 5-axis machining centers is proud to announce the introduction of its Mycenter-HX250G Horizontal Machining Center for both medium and long run small parts that require higher levels of accuracy and productivity. Manufactured in Japan with handscraping production techniques and Kitamura stand-out features lending way to accuracies of ±0.000079” full stroke, ±0.000039” repeatability, the Mycenter-HX250G offers an exclusive blend of performance, ergonomics, style and affordability all wrapped into one smart design.

Mycenter-HX250G Features:

The Mycenter-HX250G utilizes a powerful 15HP 15,000rpm, #30 taper, dual contact spindle offering up to 51.6 ft•lbs of ax torque and 220psi coolant thru the spindle to easily handle high velocity machining on a wide range of materials. Kitamura’s Intelligent Advanced Control System coupled with spindle oil-cooling unit promote efficiency and reduce heat displacement while allowing for maximum cutting gains in precision cutting operations.

Kitamura’s Mycenter-HX250G Horizontal Machining Center offers a maximum workpiece size of 13.8Ø x 15.7” (Dia. x H) within an incredibly small footprint. Offering amazing productivity for a machine of its size, the LMycenter-HX250G comes standard with a 2-station, 180° rotating pallet change system and full 4th axis rotary table for multi-part tombstone fixturing. With an expansive work envelope and the ability to handle four-sided tombstones up to 15.7” high and 10” wide weighing up to 220Lbs, the Mycenter-HX250G allows you to machine multiple workpieces while another tombstone is being unloaded and reloaded with new parts to be machined.

For optimum productivity, the Mycenter-HX250G is equipped standard with high speed rapids of 1,890ipm on the X, Y and Z axes and a 40 tool “fixed pot” automatic tool changer with upgrade capabilities of 100 tools total. The advanced high speed Arumatik-Mi controller allows for the potential to add 5th axis simultaneous machining capabilities on both pallets.

Recently awarded the 2012 Good Design Award, the Mycenter-HX250G is evidence of Kitamura’s continual pursuit of excellence in industrial development and a statement of dedication in design and manufacture within the machine tool industry.

[/toggle_item] [toggle_item title=”KITAMURA MACHINERY INTRODUCES NEW MYCENTER-4XD VERTICAL MACHINING CENTER CUSTOMIZED FOR THE JOB SHOP ENVIRONMENT “] Wheeling, IL – December 13, 2012 – Kitamura Machinery, the premier manufacturer of precision horizontal, vertical and 5-axis machining centers, introduces to market their latest high capacity vertical machining center, “Mycenter-4XD”.

A new standard in VMC value, Kitamura’s Mycenter-4XD is designed with the flexibility of today’s job shop in mind. Truly big on features, the Mycenter-4XD is equipped with a 50” x 25.2” table and 43” x 24” x 24” X,Y,Z travels making it ideal for large single workpieces, multi-fixtured components or additional axes implementation. “Fastest-in-class” high speed rapid feed rates of 1,417ipm (X&Y), 1,181ipm (Z) on solid box ways boost work throughput within the cavernous work envelope and a powerful 35HP spindle adds flexibility for hard-to-machine materials.

Mycenter-4XD Features:

Durability is ensured with heavily ribbed high grade Meehanite casting for unparalleled rigidity and stability. The X, Y & Z axes feature solid box guideways and incorporate a unique 4-slideway base construction design for superior vibration absorption, improved surface finishes and longer tool life. All contact surfaces are hand scraped for precise alignment, fit and performance ensuring high quality and attention to detail in the manufacturing process.

Standard is a powerful, dual contact, 12,000rpm, 35 HP AC spindle system offering optimum rigidity and stiffness for demanding cutting conditions. High torque capability affords the flexibility to efficiently machine a wide variety of materials with maximum machining rigidity and extended cutting tool life.

The Mycenter-4XD’s ATC assures smooth and effortless tool changes. A generous 30 tool capacity reduces idle time and boosts productivity and machining profits.

Excellent chip evacuation is ensured with standard base wash system, internal chip augers and a scraper type chip conveyor keeping the large workspace free of chips and contaminants.

Equipped with Kitamura-Fanuc 0iMD control, the Mycenter-4XD comes fully loaded with many productivity boosting convenience features that are considered optional on competitive machines. 1280 meters of memory, 256MD data server and AI Contour Control are just a few of the many standard features incorporated to streamline the machining process for ultimate productivity.

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